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Identifying Institutional Needs for Student Parents in Community Colleges

Graduating parent wearing a cap and gown being kissed on the cheek by a child.
Originally Published: July, 2022 By A. Huerta, M. Salazar, E. Lopez, G. Torres, L. Badajos and N. Lopez Categories: Aid

In this report, we center the voices and experiences of student parents as well as the resources needed to better support them in two-year colleges. We have developed this report based on content analysis and interviews with 100+ student parents and five community college staff members who work in student-parent specific programs. We provide recommendations for improved institutional and system-wide practices, and detail student parent programs and resources available at 30+ community colleges.

“The goal of this report is to illuminate opportunities for community college leaders, staff, and faculty to address the specific needs of student parents that can impact policies and practices that increase degree and certificate completion. Enhanced support systems are needed for student parents as this group is relatively invisible and underserved at community colleges due to inaccurate reporting of their enrollment, persistence, and degree completion.”